Sharron_AngleToday’s New York Times had a feature on Republican Tea Bagger candidate Sharron Angle and her race to replace Harry Reid (D) in the Senate. The newspaper stated her radical positions and one can only conclude she is out of her mind:

Since Ms. Angle won, her campaign has been rocked by a series of politically intemperate remarks and awkward efforts to retreat from hard-line positions she has embraced in the past, like phasing out Social Security.

But some of her conservative positions could prove a hurdle come November. She has, for example, called for the elimination of the Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, denounced the BP compensation fund for victims of the oil spill as a slush fund…”

The is also the disturbing question of her God complex. Instead of a U.S. Senate race, her candidacy seems more like an ego trip:

According to the Times, Angle suggested that her candidacy was a mission for God.

That sound very much like George W. Bush, God’s other brilliant selection to serve the American people. Just like the former president, Angle is incredibly arrogant and can’t admit to mistakes:

Yet Republicans have found that Ms. Angle is not particularly open to suggestions from outsiders. Asked if her campaign had done anything wrong, she responded, “I don’t think so.”

And asked if she would be doing anything differently going forward, Ms. Angle paused again and said, “I can’t think of anything like that.”

I guess when one is hand-picked by God, one can do no wrong. However, this divine selection by the Creator has failed to infuse her with the confidence to speak to the local media on a regular basis:

There have also been a staff shake-up and run-ins with Nevada journalists, including one in which a television reporter chased her through a parking lot trying to get her to answer a question….The interview itself was a break from past practice, and after that, she took a few questions from reporters at a brief news conference.

Isn’t Angle supposed to represent the Tea Baggers who are the anointed party of the people? So, why won’t she talk to voters in interviews? And, when she is forced to speak publicly, Angle reveals she has no clue what she is talking about and resorts to lies:

Her appearance was filled with sharp attacks on Mr. Reid, including an assertion that it was Mr. Reid who was a threat to Social Security (though she offered that line only upon being prompted by an aide after she said she was done with her remarks).

Her recent advertisements have been sharper and more focused, including one accusing Mr. Reid of wanting to raid the Social Security Trust Fund. Jon Ralston, a political columnist for The Las Vegas Sun, wrote that the advertisement was “quite well done. It’s also totally disingenuous.”

Do the voters of Nevada want a self-righteous, uninformed nut with a God complex as their Senator?