selenaIn a long rant against the “anti-Christian attack” that was the Grammy Awards, Tea Party activist Selena Owens reveals that the way for wingnuts to fight back against the fake assault they are experiencing by being forced to live in a nation where the laws aren’t set by their religious beliefs isn’t to sign petitions or yell at CBS, but something much simpler:  BE YOURSELF. In fact, Selena is so good at being herself that she shows “love” to this one lesbian who works at a store she apparently frequents by intentionally going through her check-out line:

I propose this: Be yourself and don’t be so defensive. I’m myself no matter the situation or people. Sometimes I deliberately go through the checkout line of the lesbian clerk to drop a few words of Jesus’ love in her ear and then compliment her haircut.

Does Selena do this every time? Does the lesbian in question see her coming and brace herself for the impending confrontation with “Hello lesbian, you need Jesus, slammin’ haircut by the way” lady?

The rest of Selena’s column is boilerplate professional victimhood, presenting nothing new. If you’d like to read it, knock yourself out.

[h/t Right Wing Watch]