kupeliancolumnThe recent move away from social issues — particularly homosexuality — has enraged and frightened social conservatives, who feel they are being forced to the fringe. World Net Daily columnist David Kupelian articulates this fear and scolds the Tea Party for focusing on economic issues:

In the end, there are only two choices: Either we acknowledge as a society, with love and tolerance, that there is something wrong with homosexuality – as we affirmed for centuries, from the Pilgrims’ time until just recently – or we go into terminal denial and tell each other homosexuality is perfectly normal and healthy. If we go that way, we are denying the core moral lessons not just of Christianity and Judaism, but of common sense, experience, medicine and history.

Once we rip the lid off Pandora’s Box, we can’t control what flies out. No tea party rally, no mid-term election, can put it back in the box. Therefore, my conservative friends, while you’re fretting over the bad economy, and the unguarded border and the inmates running the asylum in Washington, think on these things also, and ask yourself:

If preserving America’s moral values isn’t worth fighting for, what is?

Here is a fascinating, if not bizarre, linkage between allowing marriage equality and legalizing polygamous marriages for hordes of American Muslims. It’s pretty slick how Kupelian rolled up all of these fears — including indoctrinating children into one neat little package:

The answer is: You better care, because once gay marriage is legalized in America – something for which there is virtually no precedent in the 5,000 years of Western Civilization – your schools will be required to teach your children that homosexuality is totally normal, your pastors and rabbis will fear preaching their faith’s core moral values, and gender confusion and immorality will reign supreme in America.

Moreover, polygamy will inevitably be legalized also, since there simply will no longer be any legal basis for keeping polygamy illegal. For Muslims living in the U.S., for whom polygamy is allowed under the Quran (up to four wives), we will see large

numbers of polygamous marriages within the United States of America, just as there are in France today – where polygamy is still illegal!

Kupelian attributes the change of heart of some conservatives to fear of the big bad gays:

There are many other examples, even among top conservatives. It seems most, if not all, are falling away from this jugular issue for the same reason: They’re afraid, and the convenient slide from conservatism to libertarianism – invisible when the issue at hand is government spending, taxation and regulation – comes into full view when dealing with moral issues like homosexuality.

Why are they afraid? The gay activist movement relies heavily on intimidation (or “jamming,” as their marketers label it) and no one likes to be mocked, marginalized, demonized, called ugly names, boycotted, persecuted, prosecuted for “hate crimes” (thought crimes, actually), fined or imprisoned.

Of course, there is another explanation. Perhaps, some conservatives just grew up, got educated on this issue, met some actual gay couples and came to the logical conclusion that LGBT people are not a threat to their marriages or civilization. Having come to that rational view, they increasingly see hysterical and dogmatic people like Kupelian as behind the times and stuck in the past.