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Fox’s Resident ‘Mental Health Professional’ Declares Marriage Dead, Thinks Polygamy Is Now Legal In Utah

Fox's resident "mental health" guy deliberately and obtusely reads Utah's polygamy ruling

January 03, 2014 News

Rick Santorum Thinks Utah’s Polygamy Ruling Is Part Of The Slippery Slope

It's hard to tell whether he's being intentionally obtuse

December 16, 2013 News

The Slope that Did Not Slip: Another Anti-Gay Argument In The Trash Heap

Anti-gay organizations and politicians like Rick Santorum have long argued against marriage equality by saying it would create a slippery slope leading to the legalization

November 25, 2011 Blog

Moral Scolds Freaking Out As Conservatives Increasingly Abandon Gay Issue

The recent move away from social issues — particularly homosexuality — has enraged and frightened social conservatives, who feel they are being forced to the

August 17, 2010 Blog
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