Oh, Rob Tisinai, the Royal We heart you so much for this.   As NOM runs around the country trying to claim the mantle of victimhood for their hateful cause, and as Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown struggle to paint anti-gay people as good, loving Americans, the true animus of the anti-gay set is nonetheless coming through loud and clear.  The following sign showed up at NOM’s pathetic rally in Indianapolis:


Nice. So Rob decided to fix NOM’s current logo, to better reflect their beliefs:


That makes more sense.

Rob also has video of an interview with the guy who brought that sign, who is hilariously wearing a baseball cap that says “No Marriage No Sex Exodus 20:14.” Can we mass produce those? Because that hat makes me giggle.

Anyway, click the clicky to watch that video.

UPDATE: Oh my god, you have to watch the video. At first I was like “Oh, just click over,” but now I’ve watched the whole thing, and the fact that this old guy admits that he’s been “tempted” by attraction to men is just epic, I tell you, EPIC. This is the epitome of arrogant and stupid.