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Maggie Gallagher Says Anti-Gay Conservatives Are In A State Of ‘Shock’ At Losses

In which I try to explain to Maggie where things went so wrong for them

May 02, 2014 News

Maggie Gallagher Again Foretells End Of Anti-Gay Marriage Movement

She's been waving the flag of surrender all year

April 29, 2014 News

Maggie Gallagher Might Bake Your Gay Wedding Cake If Her Priest Says It’s Okay

Maybe she just really likes baking

December 26, 2013 News

Maggie Gallagher Attempts To Explain Why Ken Cuccinelli Lost

Maggie is very sad that the American public, including Virginians, have rejected her worldview entirely

November 06, 2013 News

Maggie Gallagher Believes Her Fight Will Be Fully Lost Within Two Years

For once, we hope she's right

October 30, 2013 News

And Here Is Maggie Gallagher Lending Her Support To ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

Oh, but we thought all she wanted to do was "protect marriage," whatever that means

July 17, 2013 News

Maggie Gallagher: Boycotts Are Apparently Only Okay When NOM Starts Them

Maggie also asks "what is McCarthyism," presumably because she has no idea

July 15, 2013 Opinion

Maggie Gallagher Does Not Know What ‘Fatwa’ Means

Maggie Gallagher now considers herself a second-class citizen

July 03, 2013 Opinion

Maggie Gallagher Wants To End ‘Cruel Homophobia’ Without Ending Cruel Homophobia

You're either part of the problem or you're part of the solution, Maggie

May 22, 2013 Opinion

Unfortunate Baldwin Brother Has Opinion About Something Or Other (And More On The FRC Shooting)

As most people forget on a daily basis, there is a Baldwin brother named Stephen. He is an extremely poor actor and doesn’t have the

August 17, 2012 Blog
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