Madison, Wisconsin, is one of the most liberal towns on this planet.  I hope Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher weren’t actually surprised by what happened when they pulled the hate bus into town.  The NOM Tour Tracker reports:

…a hand-counted crowd of 466 pro-equality supporters, my friends. Four hundred and sixty-six. Easily the biggest crowd yet!

NOM’s side? Arisha counts 54.


Poor Brian. Just as he and his family decided to re-join the tour, NOM was met with its largest equality counter-demonstration to date. 466 equality activists marched down the streets of Madison and up the steps of the State House to greet a decent-sized crowd of NOM supporters – relative to their other tour stops – that at one point reached 54 people.

Nonetheless, the massive upstaging of NOM couldn’t go by without a little spin from NOM’s speakers.

“Thank you all for coming,” Julliane Appling , a representative from Wisconsin Family Action began. “[We hoped our turnout would be larger], but our people actually have jobs.”

Maggie and Brian both cheered.

Ha ha, that’s great. When confronted by the fact that hordes of young people support love and equality, they’re forced to apologize for the absence of the chairborne shut-ins who support them by making pathetic comments about how all their people are “at work.” Riiiiiight.

Picture evidence:


There are lots more pictures at the above link, as well as one of Maggie Gallagher glomping her be-purpled body all over a podium, surrounded by her three biggest fans and some guy who just happened to be passing through the area. What adorable failures!

[h/t Timothy Kincaid]