abuseThe “ex-gay” industry is on the ropes and holding on for dear life. Following the George Rekers “rent boy” scandal, last year’s damning American Psychological Association report, and last week’s JONAH nude therapy debacle, we are on the cusp of permanently discrediting the poisonous “ex-gay” industry. The ex-gay business harms many people each year, destroys lives and shatters families. It needs to be shown for the ruinous and unrighteous lie that it truly is.

The only thing standing in the way of forcing many of these dangerous groups to close their doors — IS YOU.

I know that each day many people who are victims of “ex-gay” therapy read this website. You have stories that, if told, would severely damage the credibility and standing of the “ex-gay”myth. The time to come forward and tell your story is NOW.

Think about this.

Pedophile priests in the Catholic Church were able to get away with raping children for decades because no one spoke up. Once a few brave souls found the courage to tell their stories, a flood of other victims came forward. These profound revelations have changed the world and forced the Vatican to admit its horrible sin.

We can have the same affect on the “ex-gay” industry — IF YOU SPEAK OUT.

I know it can be difficult. I know it can be scary. However, you have the power to stop future clients – including children – from being victimized. You have the power to change the world. You have the ability to shut down this awful, big lie that causes suffering and suicides.

Please, be strong. Be brave. Come forward and let the truth win out. Tell your story today. Make a video. Hold the charlatans and scoundrels accountable.

Can you imagine a world without fraudulent “ex-gay” programs ripping apart lives? I certainly can.

Only with your help,  can we take major steps towards making this dream a reality.

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