Desperate and hurting after two major scandals, Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH) sent out a pathetic fundraising letter begging supporters for old clothes. Here is an excerpt:

Do you or anyone you know have surplus goods of any sort? Manufacturers, retailers, or even individuals often have surplus goods they would like to dispose of, be it clothing, toys, crafts, appliances, electronics, furniture, collectibles, books and/or recordings.  If these goods are sent to JONAH for which a tax exemption is obtainable, JONAH is able to turn the goods into dollars.

A supporter of JONAH has agreed to sell these donated surplus goods on our behalf. Please share your goods or sources of volume goods with us.  We will acknowledge the donation as a tax exempt gift with proper valuation set by you and your tax advisor.  Contact us at or call our office at 201-946-9933 for more information.

Please send JONAH pairs of old shorts and undergarments so its “therapy” clients have something to wear after life coaches try to get them naked.

Poor Arthur Abba Goldberg. He used to swindle millions of dollars from Wall Street before he went to the slammer. Now, he has been reduced to pawning second hand spandex and 8-track tapes to keep his bogus “ex-gay” scam alive.