I’ve found in monitoring radical anti-gay Christian extremists that they’re usually not normal, rational people who happen to dislike gay people. Usually, they’re detached from reality on several fronts. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is apparently no exception. Cuccinelli, you’ll remember, decided to use his status as AG to direct Virginia’s colleges and universities to remove sexual orientation from their non-discrimination policies. Unfortunately for him, Virginia happens to be home to Smart Kid Schools, and smart kids and Christian fundamentalist windsockery go together like oil and water, and his efforts have been rebuffed so far.

He’s also embarrassing himself with his efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, which is the only primary healthcare source for many women.

But also? Cuccinelli seems to be a a hardcore birther, having been caught on tape having the following conversation:

Q What can we do about Obama and the birth certificate thing?

Cooch: It will get tested in my view when someone… when he signs a law, and someone is convicted of violating it and one of their defenses will be it is not a law because someone qualified to be President didn’t sign it.

Q: Is that something you can do as Attorney General? Can you do that or something?

Cooch: Well only if there is a conflict where we are suing the federal government for a law they’ve passed. So it’ possible.

Q: Because we are talking about the possibility that he was not born in America.

Cooch: Right. But at the same time under Rule 11, Federal Rule 11, we gotta have proof of it.

Q: How can we get proof?

Cooch: Well… that’ a good question. Not one I’ve thought a lot about because it hasn’t been part of my campaign. Someone is going to have to come forward with nailed down testimony that he was born in place B, wherever that is. You know, the speculation is Kenya. And that doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility.

Right Wing Watch has the video if you want to hear the Cooch for yourself.

This of course also reveals that Cuccinelli probably has race issues, since the birf certifkit thing has been so thoroughly debunked that only backwards knuckle dragging white people with inferiority complexes in the face of black men who are smarter than them still cling to the birther fantasies, the way they cling to guns and religion. (Hee hee.)

Okay, so let’s count. So far, Cuccinelli has

1. Major inferiority and fear issues where gays are concerned.

2. Major inferiority and fear issues where women are concerned.

3. Major inferiority and fear issues where Barack Obamas are concerned, going so far as to cling to fantasies that he is ineligible for the office of the presidency.

4. Probable Fear of a Black Planet.

Isn’t that enough? Isn’t that enough wingnut fear, enough wingnut neurosis, enough mental illness for one far right wingnut official?

Oh, for Christ’s sake:

In an overlooked recording from the campaign trail, candidate Cuccinelli told a crowd that he was considering not registering his son for a Social Security number because “it is being used to track you.” He also claimed that many others are not registering for Social Security numbers for the same reason.

Direct quote:

We’re gonna have our 7th child on Monday, if he’s not born before. And, for the very concerns you state, we’re actually considering — as I’m sure many of you here didn’t get a Social Security number when you were born, they do it now — we’re considering not doing that. And a lot of people are considering that now, because it is being used to track you.


Good lord!

Apparently, like Victoria Jackson, Ken Cuccinelli would be a lot safer if he wore a helmet. I’m worried he might hurt himself otherwise.

Anyway, here’s some music, just because it’s still one of the best responses to people like Ken Cuccinelli I’ve ever heard, and also because if Ken stumbles across this post, it might make him pee:

UPDATE: Another quick link for thee: Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog makes a solid case that Cuccinelli is not only a Birther, but also a Tenther (another fringe whackjob movement) and a liar (self-explanatory).