grandersonThis Crossfire clip is a delightful way to start your morning. Brew your coffee and get a bagel, sit back and enjoy, as LZ Granderson runs circles around former Virginia Attorney General and arch-homophobe Ken Cuccinelli over so-called “religious liberty” laws:

Crossfire got really heated up Tuesday over the Arizona bill that would allow businesses to refuse service to LGBT individuals. Van Jones posed a provocative question to former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli: “What is the difference between a business owner saying no blacks are allowed here versus no gays are allowed here?” Cuccinelli dismissed the comparison, but CNN columnist LZ Granderson insisted the principle is the same because the bill is just “straight-up, plain nothing but discrimination!” He told Cuccinelli that it’s not a matter of religious principle, it’s always about protecting the Christian faith, and called him and others out for pushing what he deemed institutionalized homophobia.

Oh yes.

“Are you wrapping your homophobia around the Bible and trying to find scriptures to justify your homophobia?”

Zing. Ken Cuccinelli isn’t quick or bright enough to recover from that one.

[h/t Joe]