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I Call Poe: Ohio Wingnut Wants Bisexual Buckeye Tree Removed As State Symbol

As hilarious as this is, and as much as I wish it were real, I simply am having a hard time believing this letter to

June 18, 2012 Blog

El Paso Politician Calls Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake a Curse From God

Do you all remember the Poe from the other day?  The video from the girl thanking God for sending a message to the atheists in

March 16, 2011 Blog

Gayest “Ex-Gay” Ever (UPDATED)

Omighaa, you guys, this guy is totally not gay anymore, and he’s going to tell you all about it! Choire Sicha posted this at The

June 21, 2010 Blog

This Is The Quality Of Our Opposition [Your Morning Wingnut]

Drinking coffee, listening to Trent Reznor’s new EP on my iPod, looking for anti-gay wingnuts to write about, and then I find paydirt. Vanessa Woods

June 02, 2010 Blog
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