Do you all remember the Poe from the other day?  The video from the girl thanking God for sending a message to the atheists in Japan by sending the earthquake and tsunami that turned out to be brilliant satire from someone affiliated with Landover Baptist?  The one that had some people just outraged that someone would even make a joke like that too soon, too soon?!  As I said then, the reason that Poe was successful was precisely because it was an expected message.  Those of us who pay attention to the Religious Right on a regular basis were entirely unsurprised to hear a person claiming that this awful natural disaster was all part of “God’s plan,” that he was exacting retribution, etc.  In short, it was nothing Pat Robertson didn’t fart out of his mouth after Hurricane Katrina.

Well, now we have a real one.  Meet El Paso city council candidate Malcolm McGregor, III:

[O]ne of those anti-gay candidates, Malcolm McGregor III, told ABC 7 he believes the tsunami and earthquake in Japan were a curse from God.

“Japan had built tsunami walls along their coasts but this tsunami was bigger than that. No matter what you say, they either weren’t blessed with protection or they were cursed with an earthquake,” McGregor said. “God did say, Christ did say that earthquakes would increase in the last days and that’s what we’re seeing.”

McGregor is part of the group El Pasoans for Traditional Family Values, which sponsored a successful ballot initiative to rescind DP benefits in November, after the benefits were approved by the City Council.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. It’s a religious bigot secretly rejoicing in other peoples’ suffering because he thinks it’s all a part of his god’s master plan for retribution.  These people are sick.

[h/t Timothy Beauchamp @AmBlogGay]