doyleContinuing to demonstrate why no sane person should regard them as journalists, the Christian Post, in reporting on the new, radical anti-gay laws in Nigeria, asked “ex-gay” activist Christopher Doyle for his opinion on the subject. While he believes the laws are “overly punitive,” he believes that they are ultimately the fault of Western gay rights activists. This is because Christopher Doyle is paid to be a victim:

Christopher Doyle, president of Voice of the Voiceless, an advocacy organization that works to support former homosexuals and individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA), said Tuesday that the law is “overly punitive” and could create an environment of fear instead of one where people struggling with SSA can get help.

“In that sense it sort of drives the discourse around this issue underground, and I don’t think that’s a good thing,” said Doyle.

He also says Nigeria, Uganda, Russia and India – nations that are taking hardline stances against homosexuality – might be acting in response to what they’re seeing in Western cultures. Gay activism has forced a political correctness on many Western cultures, he says, which prevents those who believe in traditional marriage from sharing their beliefs without repercussions.

Repercussions? Like what, Christopher? Like having your beliefs pointed out and quoted verbatim?

In a blog post, Doyle, who has admitted that he tried to molest little girls in his mother’s daycare when he was younger, attempts to paint gay activists as the professional victims, a classic case of projection if there ever was one. He seems to be suggesting that he doesn’t even really believe that the climate is changing for LGBT people in developed countries, perhaps because he is too busy worrying about his own poor reputation to notice what’s going on in anyone else’s life:

Gay activists continue to play the victim card around the world, but their story is getting old. However, the media still plays into their narratives. For example, just this week Bill O’Reilly had Juan Williams and another commentator slam Vladimir Putin’s recent comments, telling gays to “leave the children in peace” when athletes come to Sochi boycott-sochi-olympicsfor the Olympic games in February.

O’Reilly and company joked about how un-evolved and ignorant Putin is when it comes to gay rights while condemning the Russian anti-gay propaganda law, which passed in their legislative body 436-0. But in actuality, O’Reilly and just about the entire mainstream media are really the ones who are unable to think critically on this issue.

As I said in The Christian Post article, anti-gay laws in countries like Uganda, Nigeria, India, and Russia are not being created in a vacuum. I would argue that they are also not in direct response to indigenous gay rights movements. These countries are enacting laws as a response to gay activists’ intolerance towards traditional views on marriage and sexuality, and their attempts to silence the speech and beliefs of those who disagree with them. These activists are largely succeeding with their goals in Western countries, and are now importing their Communist strategies into other non-Western countries to achieve global dominance.

The first thing that wingnuts learn on Wingnut Debate Team is that, to inflame the ire of other wingnuts, use buzzwords like “communist,” even if they make absolutely no sense to your argument. It doesn’t matter. There are simply words that make wingnuts angry, and “communist” is one of them. However, he has apparently bought the idea, propagated by other white American fundamentalists, that these nations are taking action because white Western gays are invading these nations with a gay, colonialist fervor. Therefore, of course, the only course of action is for white American fundamentalists to jump in and defend these nations.

Back here in reality land, we know that LGBT people exist in every culture, in every corner of the globe, and always have, and always will. The only colonialist ideology here is fundamentalist Christianity.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the long list of homofacism that is taking the United States by storm.

Take a look at long list of homofascism! Doyle’s link goes to a whining screed from one of the only anti-gay activists in the United States easier to mock than Doyle — Porno Pete.

There are now dozens of documented cases where gay activists have played the victim card to force religious individuals and businesses to violate their conscience rights in the name of “tolerance” and “equality.”

That link goes to the same Porno Pete screed. I guess Doyle linked it twice to make it look like he was making an argument with legs, rather than citing a guy who celebrated New Years’ Eve by posting pictures of gigantic dildos. Of course, those “gay activists” weren’t playing the “victim card,” but rather the “law card,” by holding petulant, immature wingnuts accountable for failing to play by the same rules as everyone else.

Inevitably, at some point in the Olympic games there will be a demonstration of pro-gay solidarity among some athletes, followed by a long lecture from NBC’s Bob Costas about how ignorant and uneducated Russians are, and how inspirational and courageous the gays are for standing up against oppressive laws. But before you buy into this narrative, perhaps you should question whether these laws are the result of anti-gay countries, or gay activist’s intolerance of opposing views and disrespect for the religious values of billions of people around the globe?

Even if the laws were enacted, in any way, in response to the gains of gay rights activists, it wouldn’t be the first time the majority hastily enacted laws in order to preserve, even if for only a time, a cultural superiority they didn’t deserve and didn’t earn, simply because they held supremacist views.

In Russia, these laws are being enacted for a variety of reasons, playing on a variety of Russians’ fears, and American fundamentalists, having lost at home, are keen to find somewhere in the world to expand their empire of hate and subjugation. In Africa, anti-gay laws use LGBT people as an easy scapegoat to distract suffering, impoverished people from solutions that would make their lives better, solutions that often would include overthrowing entire governments which are supported by the largesse of wealthier nations and multi-national corporations, governments which then fail to share that largesse with their people, choosing instead to keep their money at the top, while their people suffer and die. And again, white American fundamentalists like Porno Pete and Christopher Doyle just love to help.

But somehow we’re the colonialists. Nice try, Doyle. How old were those girls again?

[h/t Right Wing Watch]