Only people with a very transmogrified, poor concept of morality can look at the happiness and fulfillment expressed by Robin Roberts as she explains the gratitude she feels for the support she’s had over the course of a hard year, including that from her girlfriend Amber, and call it “tragic” or “evil.”

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But that’s exactly what Porno Pete thinks:

After Robin Roberts of Good Morning America came out of the closet, it was only a matter of time before Americans For Truth About Homosexuality head Peter LaBarbera attacked her for being gay. In an interview with Vic Eliason of VCY America yesterday, LaBarbera blasted Roberts for her “defiance” and lamented that “every coming out is a tragedy.”

“And how sad that our First Lady and the White House in general and President Obama as well, all celebrate homosexuality,” LaBarbera added.

Eliason also seemed to be confused by Roberts’ gender.

Listen to him scoffing and gasping in the background. Guess what, Porno Pete? Sounds like Robin Roberts is happier than you are. That must be a grotesque reality to confront.

This, of course, coming from the man who rang in the new year by posting a picture of a giant dildo collection on his “pro-family, Christian” website.

In the same interview, he talked about how gays are evil:

“The homosexual so-called marriage movement is evil,” LaBarbera said. “We need to do what Reagan did with communism, we need to come right out there and say: this movement attaching the God-ordained good of marriage to an abomination which is homosexuality, calling that marriage, that’s evil, it’s an evil movement.” He went on to claim that “the homosexual so-called marriage movement has become a huge platform to corrupt children” as its message “corrupts the minds and the souls of young children.”

Is Porno Pete under the impression that wingnuts like him have not been speaking up and calling us evil abominations? Sorry, dude. You’ve been screaming it for years, and America has heard you loud and clear. Americans think people like you are weird, obnoxious and hateful. It’s not that your messages have gone unheard.

Finally, transgender people are tools of Satan, and Vic Eliason longs for the good old days when they were regarded as circus freaks.

And they’ll know we are Christians by our love…