creechRev. Mark Creech, I think you’ve done figured out the secret of the gay agenda. “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts has been pulling the levers this whole time:

On May 8, 2012, North Carolina approved a marriage protection amendment to its constitution, defining marriage as one man and one woman. The amendment was approved by the electorate 61% to 39%. It was an overwhelming defeat for so-called gay rights. After such a profound victory, one would have expected the story to have dominated the national news the next day. It didn’t. In fact, it was given less than honorable mention in the media scheme.

Instead, the huge story on May 9th was President Obama’s avowed support for same-sex marriage. Who did the interview of the President on the subject? You guessed it right – Robin Roberts.

Only two weeks ago, the “Duck Dynasty” controversy occurred. The reality show’s Phil Robertson spoke out boldly, calling homosexuality a sin. Robertson paraphrased a passage of Scripture for GQ Magazine in an interview. Nothing the patriarch of the program said was inconsistent with the Bible’s message on the lifestyle. Nevertheless, the remarks outraged the gay community, which called for his departure from the reality series. The network hosting the show, A&E obliged.

No one in the current climate of political correctness, however, would have expected the backlash that resulted from Robertson’s firing. Millions in the country demanded his reinstatement. They not only liked the program, but they also agreed with Robertson’s remarks. A&E reversed its decision.

Again, homosexual activism takes a serious hit. Enter once more: Robin Roberts.

Consider. Phil Robertson is from the South. Robin Roberts is from the South. Phil Robertson is a beloved television personality. Robin Roberts is a beloved television personality. Phil Robertson attended a university in Louisiana. Robin Roberts went to a university in Louisiana. Phil Robertson is a person of devout Christian faith. Robin Roberts is someone who professes to be a person of devout Christian faith.

Coincidence? Hardly! Contrived? More than likely. Especially since Robert’s “coming out” takes place in conjunction with Robertson’s reinstatement.

Unable to shut down the voice of one who opposes the homosexual lifestyle from a biblical perspective, gay activists and their media supporters must counter with the voice of someone they believe might eclipse it. Twice now, Roberts is at the heart of an effort to squelch the clear and loud sound of opposition.

Dangit, now we have to scrap all the rest of our secret Robin Roberts plans. Oh well.

Mark Creech, by the way, also believes that being gay is like thinking you’re a squirrel, so obviously he’s got his finger on the pulse of reality.

[h/t Jeremy]