janetWhat is it with our wingnut brethren, that they are grasping so powerlessly at straws that don’t exist? Earlier, I reported that PFOX’s Greg Quinlan seems to believe that the whole kerfuffle over “Duck Dynasty” was somehow a “victory” for the anti-gay movement, something that would start the needle moving back in their direction. Now, we find that Janet Porter, whom Wayne has dubbed “the most dishonest, sleazy ‘Christian’ in America,” also believes this. As Right Wing Watch remarked, “it is pretty sad that Porter has to resort to talking about the plight of a reality TV show star to avoid actual polling data on gay rights.”

Seriously. This is like watching cats chase laser pointers.

Thanks to Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, Bible-believing Christians “ended 2013 on a victory,” says Janet Porter, president of Ohio-based Faith2Action (f2a).

“This is the turning point, thanks to the courage of Phil Robertson,” Porter told CNSNews.com. “The tide has turned against the homosexual agenda, and the message is that the only way to keep our freedom is to use it.”

Janet, we won NINE MARRIAGE EQUALITY STATES last year. A guy who makes millions of dollars trying to trick ducks into thinking he wants to have sex with them does not a “movement” make.

“What I saw happen for the first time in this debate is that Phil Roberston [sic] asserted his freedom and America stood with him. This was the biggest breath of fresh air since Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day,” she added, calling Robertson’s reinstatement “a real game-changer.”

He always had his freedom. It was never threatened. A&E played his fans like a fiddle, and now he’s more popular than ever. So is marriage equality.

“God uses the unlikely to confound the wise,” Porter added. “I love how God can use somebody – it doesn’t matter what area they are in. This guy chose duck hunting over professional football. He used his God-given talent to come up with a duck call that leads to the # 1 cable show and he suddenly has more prominence and influence and a bigger platform than any football star. And all America rises up to stand with him.”

All America? Eek, no. A niche market is obsessed with this show, but that’s about it. It’s a very popular show, indeed, it’s record-breaking, but, in large part, the fans are all part of the same demographic. And again, A&E played “Duck Dynasty” fans like a fiddle. It worked.

“The biggest danger to Christianity is the spiral of silence,” Porter added. The homosexual lobby “seeks to silence us with name-calling and threats. If they are allowed to silence the truth, they will silence the Gospel. If you care about the Gospel, you need to speak up now.”

More professional victimhood. Luckily, Janet Porter and the duck dude don’t hold the megaphone that represents all Christianity. Indeed, this nation is still predominantly Christian, but somehow a large majority of Americans support marriage equality. I guess those Christians understand something about love and life that Janet and the other laser-pointer-chasing wingnuts don’t.