Nice people you attract, Pete.

Peter LaBarbera, of course, runs a very small hate group called Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, and this video was made by a member of another hate group, the very small shopping center outpost known as “Faithful Word Baptist Church,” pastored by the biblically illiterate Steven Anderson.  It’s notable that, in the flurry of fist-shaking and tantrum-throwing that’s come in the wake of the Family Research Council and American Family Association being added to the SPLC’s list of hate groups, no one of any note has stepped up to defend either Peter’s or Steven’s organization.  They are that marginal, even among their own ideological compatriots.

My favorite thing about the video though, is that the guitar is very Indigo Girls, but not Indigo Girls now, but more like the day they picked up their guitars, but not in a world where the Indigo Girls had hands, but instead something more akin to paws.  But it’s clear where the songwriter gets his inspiration.  Baby, you ain’t never gonna be Closer to Fine.

Joe Jervis adds:

The song’s author is a regular poster on Free Republic (of course) and in typical chickenshit fashion has cloaked the ownership details of his URL: But here’s his YouTube channel, if you wanna have some fun over there.

Anyway, I hope the author had a really merry Christmas, filled with nightmares about homosexuals, of course!

[h/t Jeremy]