I, of course, mean looking at the long game, not the day-to-day uphill battles we’re still fighting.  But in the long term, here’s one example of why Wayne and I have said time and time again this year that we’ve crossed a tipping point in the fight for equality.  Over at Jill Stanek’s blog, the extremely anti-choice, extremely medically ignorant Jill Stanek poses this question to her readers:

Are social conservatives losing the gay debate but winning the pro-life debate? If so, why? And does this really matter to pro-lifers?

The comments section is fascinating.  The majority of commenters are anti-choice, but they come at it from all different directions, and that’s beside the point.  What’s striking is the sheer number of extremely anti-choice people who not only understand why anti-gay opinions are losing several percentage points per year, but also [some of them] support this, to varying degrees.  There are, of course, some serious wingnuts in there, which is to be expected at Jill Stanek’s blog, but the pro-gay commenters are exposing them as the uninformed malcontents they are.

Now, if you’ve read me at all, you know I’m fiercely pro-choice, so I’m not in any way endorsing the content at Stanek’s blog.  But man, when anti-choice wingnuts are having an honest argument about gay rights and the anti-gay set is losing, bad, well then, we’ve reached a damn tipping point.

Click over and peruse…you’ll see what I mean.  Here’s an example:

I think the simple answer is, the US is growing more secular.  People go to church less frequently and claim no religion more often.  And while there are a number of excellent secular reasons to oppose abortion, there aren’t really any great secular reasons to oppose homosexuality.  And I’m saying this as a Christian.  A Christian who doesn’t believe any part of the Bible is there by mistake, even.  But, from a thoroughly secular point of view, every argument we use to oppose abortion can be used exactly the same way to support gay marriage.  Which, logically, suggests that more people are doing just that since they are more sincerely pro-life and are applying that to their views.


This is a trend toward expanding rights for the unborn or for the LGBT community. Hopefully this is a wake-up call to gay-rights groups that they should embrace rights for the unborn and to multi-issue, pro-life groups to be more accepting.

Like I said, it’s a fascinating read.  There is more disinformation about reproductive rights than you could possibly shake a stick at, and I think their premise that there’s some tidal shift happening where people are becoming more anti-choice is extremely wishful thinking, but if you read through it and continually remind yourself what blog you’re reading, it’s heartening.