Look for the Peter LaBarberas of the world to add this to their gripe file soon:

Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who own the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Cornwall, refused to let civil partners Martin Hall and Steven Preddy stay in a room with a double bed in 2008.

The Bulls state on their website that they will only let heterosexual married couples share rooms.

A month before Mr Hall made the booking, the Bulls had been contacted by gay rights charity Stonewall to warm them that their policy broke the law.


Mr and Mrs Bull say that their longstanding policy applies to all unmarried couples, whether gay or straight. . Their legal defence is being financed by The Christian Institute.

Mike Judge, of the Christian Institute, said: “This case is about liberty of conscience. This guesthouse is Mr and Mrs Bull’s own home. They have rights too, and they should not be forced to act against their sincerely held religious beliefs under their own roof.

Noooooooo, the guesthhouse is Mr. and Mrs. Bull’s business, which they happen to run out of their home.  If they were not taking money for people to stay at the guesthouse, no one would be raising an eyebrow at them choosing whom they will or will not allow to stay.  But as business owners, they have to comply with local laws.

Anyway, the point is that VICTIMMMMMMMMMMMMM! will be the cry from the wingnut set.  Just like with the cupcakes.  We are very sorry, but until and unless we are living in a fundamentalist theocracy, it is not reasonable for fundamentalists to expect that the rest of secular society comply with their backward, fearful view of life.