JoeMyGod brings us the latest temper tantrum from Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins.  This time he’s upset with Apple, which removed an antigay mobile-phone application from the company’s App Store because the application defames millions of Americans.

Silencing opposition has become a winning strategy for the Left because fewer people seem willing to speak up. On issues like marriage, where homosexuals are clearly losing the debate, they’ll simply try to put the question beyond debate. And until we push back, liberals will continue to throw the trump card of hate until there are no longer two sides to any issue. America is starting to play by their rules of “if you can’t say anything nice about homosexuality, don’t say anything at all.” And increasingly, the Left is recruiting the big hitters of the cultural and corporate movements to join them. When they offend us, it’s “tolerance.” When we disagree with them, it’s “hate.” Speak out, America! Contact Apple and urge them to support real equality–and that means giving both sides a say.

“Real equality” means giving “both sides” a say. Interesting. This from the man who saw enough overlap between his and David Duke’s worldviews that he bought his mailing list.

Joe points out that we can all use Tony’s link to contact Apple ourselves and give them a pat on the back.