Way back in May, I wrote that the LGBT movement had reached a tipping point. Truth Wins Out may have been the first organization in the nation to make this bold claim, placing us in the vanguard of prognostication. Of course, that is why people come to this website and support Truth Wins Out. We are consistently ahead of the curve in predicting trends. Such prescience is not an accident, but a direct result of diligent research, analyzing the facts, and capitalizing on the creativity afforded a smaller organization.

The trend I articulated was confirmed in a major Associated Press story by David Crary. According to the report:

Right now, though, the gay rights movement is at a tipping point, as epitomized by Bowling Green’s divisive referendum on extending anti-discrimination protections to gays. The vote was so close that it took three extra weeks to determine whether the two measures passed.

Nationally, gay-rights supporters and their conservative opponents are trading victories and setbacks, and the public is deeply divided on same-sex marriage. Could the push for full equality be stalled or reversed? Probably not, if public opinion evolves at its current pace.

“All you have to do is look at the demographics and you can see this is as inevitable as anything,” said Michael Klarman, a Harvard Law School professor who has studied the civil rights and gay rights movements.

In my view, this was one of the best reports of the year. It was well-researched, smart, captured the moment, and highlighted the magnificent opportunities and treacherous challenges that lie ahead. It showed that we are on a path to victory, but winning is only assured if we fight like junk yard dogs against religious extremists who will clutch their bigotry like a security blanket and refuse to give it up. As I stated in this week’s column, we have a long series of battles ahead, but demographics, trends, history and public opinion are now on our side. But, the one lesson we must take away is that we can never take equality for granted. We will have to fight tooth and nail for every square inch of our freedom.

Anyway, kudos to David Crary for producing one of the rare media reports that accurately depicts the fight for equality.