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Protestants No Longer a Majority in America, Study Finds

It's clear that if current trends continue, Protestant denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention will eventually be forced to abandon their socially conservative teachings, including

October 09, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Marriage Equality May Win at Ballot Box in November for the First Time

From NBC News: After losing some 30 ballots on same-sex marriage across the country over the past decade, advocates of lesbian and gay couples are

September 21, 2012 Blog

Tear-Jerker: Couple at Indiana Wedding Gives Gay & Lesbian Friends First Dance

If you haven’t already left your computer for the Labor Day weekend, start your holiday off right with this beautiful reminder of the goodness in

August 31, 2012 Blog

Young Republicans Abandoning Social Conservatism

The New York Times reports: A poll this year by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found that the percentage of Republicans ages 18

August 09, 2012 Blog

Amazon’s Founder Donates $2.5M to Marriage Equality in Washington

I’ve only been awake for two hours and I’m already wiping tears from my eyes, thanks to this beautiful story from the New York Times

July 27, 2012 Blog

NY State Appellate Court: Calling Someone Gay is Not an Insult

The fact that it’s possible to take someone to court if they call you gay — the idea that speculation about a person’s sexual orientation,

June 04, 2012 Blog

Video: Outgoing Rep. Barney Frank with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell

Outgoing Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank, the nation’s first sitting member of Congress to voluntarily come out of the closet, spoke with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell earlier

June 01, 2012 Blog

TWO Hails New ABC/Post Poll Showing Strong Support of Marriage Equality Exceeds Strong Opposition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: John Becker, Director of Communications Phone: 920.265.6023 Email: Findings Confirm America Has Passed a Tipping Point on LGBT Rights, Says

May 23, 2012 Blog, Press Release

Bush, Obama Pollsters: Support for Marriage Equality Will “Come to Dominate”

Yesterday, Freedom to Marry released an analysis of polling data written by Jan van Lohuizen and Joel Benenson, top campaign pollsters for Presidents George W.

July 28, 2011 Blog

Must Read: Major AP Story On LGBT Fight For Equality

Way back in May, I wrote that the LGBT movement had reached a tipping point. Truth Wins Out may have been the first organization in

November 26, 2010 Blog
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