KochTruth Wins Out reported last week that the “ex-gay” organization Exodus International plans to target Middle School age children in 2011. In response, we revealed Exodus’ profoundly disturbing record in its work with youth. TWO also published an op-ed by Exodus Survivor Patrick McAlvey who strongly urged the discredited “ex-gay” group to stop focusing on children and teenagers.

Instead of looking at its perverse history and rethinking its dangerous 2011 strategic plan, Exodus announced this week that it was intensifying its teen and pre-teen efforts, beginning at an upcoming Exodus Leadership conference in Orlando, which is scheduled for January 24-26. According to Exodus President Alan Chambers in a flier promoting the event:

I am so excited about spending the week with you all and learning how God wants to use each of our gifts, talents, brains and uniques [sic] styles for His glory and the building of His Kingdom.  I am thrilled that our dear friend, Kathy Koch, is here to lead us, encourage us, rally us and mobilize us to reach greater heights in ministry!

Who is Kathy Koch? (Aside from someone who can’t spell in her own bio. Or maybe Exodus staff is responsible for the incompetence?)

Dr. Kathy Koch:  As the founder of Celebrate Kids, Inc., Dr. Kathy is dedicated to helping parents, educators, adn [sic] children of all ages meet their core needs of security, identity, belonging, purpose, and competence in healthy ways. She teaches these important truths nationally and internationally in various venues. Dr. Kathy is known for her down-to-earth, upbeat, humorours, [sic] and forthright style.

Wow — this is nauseating. At Exodus’ first big shindig of 2011, they bring in a speaker from a group called “Celebrate Kids, Inc.” As I have detailed, Exodus has a creepy history celebrating kids in a very unsettling way. Koch’s presence at this conference is further proof that Randy Thomas and Alan Chambers are going after vulnerable children, who may not be old enough to have the critical thinking skills to see through the group’s self-hatred and propaganda.

Perhaps LGBT activists in Florida should protest this despicable conference and save the children from the slimy clutches of Exodus.

If you have been a victim of Exodus International, please read our publication,

“Ex-Gay & the Law”.