But, due to Tintin at Sadly, No!, I have to.  You see, Bryan Fischer is Very Upset, because Campbell’s Soup now makes a couple of soups which are halal-certified, which means they conform to certain Islamic dietary regulations. This is sort of parallel to Kosher foods, and many American companies make certain foods Kosher, in order to cater to those markets, and really, what Free Market Conservative wouldn’t support every company’s right to cater to as many customers as they want?

Not Bryan Fischer! Not one for intellectual consistency of any sort, Bryan is much more interested in keeping his RACISM consistent, even if it means he has to go through extreme mental gymnastics to do so.

So yes, Bryan Fischer is upset that Campbell’s Soup has some halal-certified products now available, and this is evidence, to him, of the fact that Shari’a law has come to our shores.

Wait, what, Tintin?

Oh, and before any of you become fearful of visiting your neighborhood grocery store lest you become the involuntary victim of the Islamic conversion-by-canned-soup plot, the halal Campbell’s sharia law soup cans are only available in Canuckistan, which you will find out if you click Fischer’s link. For the life of me I really can’t figure out why he failed to mention that these jihadist soups were only available in Canada, although I suppose it rather fucks up his argument about Sharia law bearing down on the U.S. “at full gallop.” Or maybe Fischer doesn’t understand that Canada is another country.

Yep. Bryan Fischer’s THAT stupid, y’all.

Also that stupid?  Pam Geller, Tea Party Nation, and a Facebook group full of America’s Least Likely to Succeed.