This makes my blood boil.

Minnesota “ex-gay” activist Janet Boynes is starting a “Young Adult Prayer Call” on October 14th — to shame LGBT youth and sell them the lie that they can pray away the gay.

“Please spread the word as we begin a new ministry to this generation,” writes “ex-lesbian” Boynes.

How many gay teenagers will have to be bullied, harassed, or commit suicide before these creepy predators keep their filthy, bloodstained hands off these youth? The ink on the newspaper death notices has barely dried and the ex-gay industry is ramping up its deadly propaganda.

Enough is enough. Am I the only one who is sickened by the efforts of Boynes and others of her ilk? The timing of this call shows a lack of class and is, quite frankly, grotesque.

This is not Boynes first effort in trying to brainwash youth. She is also a part of the so-called “Ex-Gay” Educators Caucus that tries to cajole schools into carrying scientifically bankrupt materials or hosting unstable “ex-gay” activists.

If you are a gay youth who has been bullied or simply a concerned citizen, please call into her brainwashing session and let Boynes know that her despicable “ex-gay” program is precisely what leads to bullying and suicides.