Queer Rising will hold a “Take Back the Night” march on Saturday October 9 from 8:30-10pm that will begin at W. 25th Street & 9th Avenue and end at the legendary Stonewall Inn.  This march will be done in solidarity with all anti-LGBTQ hate crime, suicide, bullying, and murder victims.

This past week, two hate crimes have occurred in New York City.  One gay man was assault in bathroom of Stonewall Inn while another gay couple was attacked on the corner of W. 25th and 9th Ave.

The march will symbolize the LGBTQ and straight ally’s support, strength, dignity, and demand for equality.  We must stand up for our rights and show that we are not less than. We deserve to be treated equally and with respect. We will not be bullied, we will not be attacked any longer. We will take back the night.

Queer Rising member, Eugene Lovendusky, said, “The days of being silent victims have come and gone. No more can members of New York City’s vast gay community be subjected to acts of hate. If those weak-minded bullies think they can prey on our strong gay men and women, they are sorely mistaken. We will fight back and stand our ground.”

Co-founder of Queer Rising and lead organizer for the march, Natasha Dillon, said, “As a LGBTQ community, we have been fighting and demanding equality for 40 years.  We are still the victims of hate crimes, bullying, and inequality.  When elected officials and the government give Americans the impression that the LGBTQ community is unworthy of equality, dignity, and human rights, Americans act like we are unworthy of equality, dignity, and human rights.  Our community must come out to support, strengthen, and fight for one another.  We deserve everything we are fighting for.”

I’ll be there. If you are in the area, please join the march to show your support for this worthwhile event.