Yesterday I wrote about the creepy, creepy story of Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell, who has embarked on what amounts to a disturbing stalking campaign against Ryan Armstrong, student body president at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.  He claims it’s about Armstrong’s “radical homosexual agenda,” but really, it looks more like a creepy psychosexual obsession to everybody else.  If you haven’t watched Shirvell’s interview on Anderson Cooper 360, click the above clicky.

Well, now Mike Cox, Shirvell’s boss, has also gone to talk to Anderson Cooper, and basically defends his employee the entire way through:


Gabe at Videogum has the best reaction I’ve seen to this whole scenario, where a state prosecutor, in his off hours, is very publicly stalking a young college student:

[H]ow come the rest of us are nervous about our bosses CATCHING US PLAYING MINESWEEPER, and you’re willing to go on national television and make up a bunch of bullshit about why you’re not going to take any kind of action whatsoever (at least not publicly, and certainly if there was ever a reason for public action, it is probably a well-publicized and unapologetic hate crime committed by a state employee who needs medicine) against someone working in your office whose ostensible function is the day to day protection of laws and people’s rights. Perfect. “Oh, he’s a bully. But what can I say? HE IS MY HUSBAND.” Unacceptable!

That is EXACTLY what this is like. “I’m so sorry my husband is stalking this young boy, but he is my husband and I will stand by him!”