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Perez Hilton Speaking Out Against Dan Savage For Some Reason

Oh dear God. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who, to my knowledge, has little awareness of the complexity of the issue of bullying, or of the

May 01, 2012 Blog

So There Is A Contemporary Christian Version Of That Cee-Lo Green Song…

You know the one. Dan Savage, why did you inflict this on us? Posting it here in hopes that that will somehow release it from

March 28, 2012 Blog

Just A Typical Rick Santorum Supporter

If you have eight minutes, enjoy this video from some guy in Nashville, just a-talkin’ about why he loves Rick Santorum. Pull quote: “Israel is

March 19, 2012 Blog

This Is Just A Really Normal Christian Song

It’s about The Rapture, you see, and what’s going to happen when all the planes driven by Christian pilots crash. As we move through the

March 16, 2012 Blog

Patrick Wooden Explains How Anal Sex Is Terrible For Gays, But Not Straights

I can’t even deal with this interview Michelangelo Signorile did with anally-fixated North Carolina pastor Patrick Wooden, much less figure out what parts to excerpt

January 30, 2012 Blog

Tennessee Redneck Promises to “Stomp a Mudhole” Into Transgender Women Using Public Restrooms

Tennessee, for a second we were worried that you were losing steam in the America’s Stupidest State contest, what with the legislator in Oklahoma introducing

January 27, 2012 Blog

Santorum Launches C.U.M.

No, really, this happened. [h/t Joe & Pam

January 23, 2012 Blog

Porno Pete Goes To SPLC For Whining Purposes, Brings Friends

So this happened today, apparently. Porno Pete brought all his worldly friends together to go down to the SPLC and cry: A coalition of African

January 17, 2012 Blog

Puppies! [A Live-Blog]

Look, it’s three days until Christmas and things are slowing down a bit with the gay news and views, and really, the most interesting thing

December 22, 2011 Blog
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