From Newser:

A controversial condom burning Ugandan pastor, Martin Ssempa, who is a supporter of the homicidal Anti-Homosexuality Bill, is being financially supported by the 6,000-strong Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas. Today, Canyon Ridge pastor Kevin Odor says that Ssempa is being “misrepresented” . “His heart is not to kill people,” says Odor.

Odor tells NPR. “His heart is to redeem people. We want to help the AIDS problem in Africa, and we found somebody who is making a difference, so we support him.”

Warren Throckmorton, a professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, has a different take. “The church wants to be viewed as moderate and outreach-minded and compassionate, and yet they’re supporting a set of values and principles elsewhere that are very harsh and deadly, frankly, to the very community you say you want to reach”.

Isn’t it odd how the brutal, draconian laws pushed by Ssempa are in complete contradiction to his supposedly redeeming heart? What a partnership – Canyon Ridge found a crackpot and Ssempa hit the jackpot. It’s a Las Vegas dream come true!

Much more from Dr. Throckmorton, who has done a terrific job staying on top of this issue.