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Evangelical Professor Warns Christians Not To Blindly Support NARTH’s Reparative Therapy

A prominent Christian therapist tells Christians to think twice before supporting NARTH's abusive brand of quack therapy

December 17, 2012 News

Dr. Warren Throckmorton’s ‘Takedown’ of History Fraud David Barton

John Fea, Chair of the History Department at Messiah College said: “Getting Jefferson Right” is an intellectual and historical take down of David Barton’s pseudo-history

May 03, 2012 Blog

Porno Pete to Warren Throckmorton: Please Say “Sorry” For Not Being My Friend Anymore

Warren Throckmorton has changed quite a bit over the years. Having become disillusioned when he realized what a motley crew of science-denying liars he was

November 02, 2011 Blog

NARTH Speaker Works to Imprison LGBT People Worldwide

Dr. Warren Throckmorton writes on his blog: The National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) Conference is this coming weekend in Phoenix,

October 31, 2011 Blog

Ex-Gay Think-Tank NARTH Lacks Actual Mental-Health Experts

Conservative Christian professor and blogger Warren Throckmorton confirms what many have long suspected: The ex-gay think-tank NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality)

October 25, 2011 Blog

Therapists Keeping People in the Closet?

There are two really interesting articles in this past Sunday’s New York Times Magazine dealing with the intersection of religion and sexuality, and both merit

June 21, 2011 Blog, News, Opinion

STAND-OFF: Ugandan ‘Kill-The-Gays’ Author Says He Is Attending DC Conference — While Event Organizers Say The Genocidal Madman Is Barred

Via Dr. Warren Throckmorton Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill author, David Bahati, plans to attend a trade conference in Washington DC next week, Dec. 6-8. But conference

December 03, 2010 Blog

Warren Throckmorton on the New SPLC Hate Groups

His entire piece is worth reading.  Throckmorton has been evolving in the past couple of years as he has done honest research and come face

December 01, 2010 Blog

Whoa. Exodus International Pulls Sponsorship of ‘Day of Truth’

I guess some people on the Religious Right are starting to figure out that their actions have had awful, awful consequences: A national Christian organization

October 06, 2010 Blog

Las Vegas Mega-Church Supports ‘Kill the Gays’ Pastor

From Newser: A controversial condom burning Ugandan pastor, Martin Ssempa, who is a supporter of the homicidal Anti-Homosexuality Bill, is being financially supported by the

July 14, 2010 Blog
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