UPDATE:  Oh lookie, “The Other Evan Hurst” also wrote about this at the Wonkette!  Here:  Selfless Drag Queen Teaches Republican Politicians Valuable Lesson About Honesty

So, this video is going around today.  I found it at The Advocate, which explains:

[Drag queen Sherry] Vine’s “You’re a Homo” song and video mimics Gaga’s homoerotic clip for her single “Alejandro.” Instead of poking fun at Gaga’s slinky male dancers, Vine points out the damaging effects of the closet. Specifically, Vine “outs” antigay politicians like former Idaho senator Larry Craig and blames closeted conservatives for bringing about hate crimes, including the murder of Matthew Shepard.

I defy you not to laugh heartily when the first chorus starts.  And yes, it is a very important message.