louengleThe nutty group, The Call, run by Lou Engle (who sounds like a professional wrestler) has hatched a plan to win over St. Louis for his angry, bitter version of Jesus:

A Series of Meetings with Lou Engle and TheCall Team will take place at the Gateway House of Prayer. The Prayer House will be pausing its regular prayer room hours June 19-July 12 in order to host a summer internship/school.

The evening sessions will be open to everyone!!(7-10PM). There will be worship, prayer and powerful teaching from Lou Engle, Brian Kim, Michael Brown, Benji Nolot etc.

Is it just me, or do these guys (Brown in tie and Engle appearing constipated) look like patrons of a campy, gay 1970’s mustache bar? On the count of three, Mary, let’s all sing: Y-M-C-A, It’s fun to extract demons at the Y-M-C-A!!”