Please, just go read this. It will make you smile and also, it will make you laugh and laugh at a lady named “Sandra Rodrigues” and her crazy angry protest group, “America Forever” (an SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group), which went so far as to hold a town hall in Logan to tell everybody that all of the city council members were secret gay activists who hated children and cooked AIDS burgers in the backs of diners. Or something.

It did not work.

A taste of Sandra:

Homosexuals want to be in a position to entice children to try out being gay, she said.

“This is what the gays want,” she said. “It’ really insane if you think about it.”


In the hall after the vote, Rodrigues repeatedly called out to others filing out, “We know what you’re up to. Boo.”

Sharp as a bag of wet hair, she is.

Again, go read it all. I don’t even have to snark this one, because s.z. at World O’Crap already did it for me. There’s a hilarious twist ending, which I will not ruin.