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Anti-Gay Activists Can’t Decide Whether LGBT People Are Nazis Or Stalinists

At this point, they're just sticking whatever label on us they think sounds the scariest

April 08, 2014 Opinion

Is Peru The Next Place Anti-Gay Americans Want To Foment Hatred?

Dr. Michael Brown is trumpeting the fact that he just went to Peru to incite hatred against LGBT people

March 17, 2014 News

Disgraced Former Chaplain Klingenschmitt Says It’s A Tragedy When Anyone Comes Out Of The Closet

Also, Michael Brown says that Michael Sam was selfish to come out of the closet

March 11, 2014 News

Michael Brown Says Struggle For Equality Isn’t Real Because Ellen DeGeneres Is Famous

Michael Brown is apparently also completely ignorant of 20th Century history

September 23, 2013 Opinion

TWO’s Wayne Besen Confronts Anti-Gay Activist Michael Brown On The David Pakman Show

by Wayne Besen Earlier today, anti-gay activist Michael Brown and I squared off on the latest episode of the David Pakman Show. Usually, I try

August 30, 2012 Blog

Michael Brown Takes A Cheap Shot At TWO

Michael Brown is a radical cleric based in North Carolina who specializes in whipping fundie audiences into a lather using extreme militaristic language. Of course,

August 20, 2012 Blog

Video: Michael Brown, Self-Proclaimed Marriage ‘Expert,’ Hangs Up on David Pakman for Asking Inconvenient Questions

Today, nationally-syndicated progressive radio host David Pakman interviewed Michael Brown, a self-proclaimed “expert” on the issue of marriage and why loving same-sex couples should be

May 15, 2012 Blog

Michael Brown Writes to a Pro-LGBT Christian Activist

Michael Brown, Jew for Jesus, and one of the most irrationally homophobic men in the United States, writing to Kathy Baldock, Evangelical Christian and advocate

May 14, 2012 Blog

Kathy Baldock Reviews Bigot Michael Brown’s Book

And she does it on YouTube! Enjoy, as Kathy is fierce

October 19, 2011 Blog
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