P.Z. Myers, reacting to Tony Perkins’ latest caterwauling about DADT repeal (something about how the military will be “forced” to abandon religious myths about people changing their sexual orientation or something):

Oh, I believe you can change how people behave sexually, and this policy change won’t change that at all. Of course, forcing people to act sexually in ways which bring them no joy is also a great way to cause deep misery. I just look at all the tightly puckered smarmy jiveweasels inhabiting right wing Christian think-tanks, for instance, and see a horde of frustrated, tightly-wound self-flagellators ‚Äî it’s no wonder they so look forward to an afterlife in their death-cult, because this one is giving them nothing but priggishness.

Grin. I think “tightly puckered smarmy jiveweasels” may have to be a new catch-all tag for anti-gay fundamentalist leaders.

Bonus longer quote, from the same piece:

[W]hat about [Perkins’] claim that this change in policy will drive out good god-fearin’ gay-hatin’ soldiers and chaplains?

Screw them. Let ’em go. We’re better off without those fundagelical frauds in the military anyway. And just think how much this will hurt their efforts to infiltrate and take over our military forces!

And in case you’re feeling some pity for good ol’ boys with a hatred for gays who’ll be forced to change their professions and leave a military career because they feel so deeply that the faggots need to be caged, don’t. Martyrdom is a very Christian ideal.

Of course, they only like the pseudo-martyrdom of being compelled to tolerate others. Voluntarily quitting a career isn’t quite a sacrifice on the scale that Matthew Shepard made, or comparable to the kind of persecution they’ve been perpetrating on gay citizens for a long, long time.

God, he gets it.

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