This is what we call “full circle wingnut.”

Peter LaBarbera prayed at the sparsely attended May Day rally, and it was a really funny prayer, because he seemed to be trying to propagandize God with one of his blog posts. Imagine for a moment that you are ruling over the heavenlies and that this screed comes through the wires:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Forgive our nation for our sexual sin. Forgive us for our excessive “tolerance” as a nation

Yes, Lord, forgive us for loving people as you have commanded us to do, quite prominently, in the Ten Commandments, and indeed all over the Bible. We shan’t ever do it again.

and, as individuals, for the creeping sins, sexual and otherwise, that we have “tolerated” in our own lives. Father, forgive us for not hating sin like you hate sin. And forgive us for confusing merciful love for homosexuals with ungodly acceptance of homosexual behavior itself.

When did Peter and the twelve people who showed up ever commit the “sin” they’re supposedly repenting for? Oh wait, he’s doing that thing where he prays a prayer in the name of other people who he hates.

Here’s where he starts talking to God as if God were someone who had accidentally stumbled on to the SPLC-certified hate blog of Americans for Truth:

Indeed, it is a long, secular road that America has traveled from “abomination” to “gay.”

I think he’s saying that America used to be an abomination, but that now it is gay? Such a confusing prayer, saith the Lord (possibly).

But Father, forgive us most of all for doing so little to protect the next generations of young people from a sexual sin movement known — deceptively — as “Gay.”

But Peter: Aren’t you aware that all the credible science (which is, after all the study of God’s kingdom, if you believe in that sort of thing) shows that your supposed “sexual sin” is actually a very normal, healthy, continually recurring phenomenon, not only in humans, but also in hundreds of animal species? And if you believe that God is the author of creation, then he totally knows about that, because he put it there. I doubt God likes people asking for forgiveness for loving a part of his creation. He’s probably approximately as offended as he would be if Peter were asking forgiveness for not doing enough to protect children from black people.

The Lord Jesus Himself warned us against putting the eternal destinies of children in danger.

Okay, Peter, again, are you talking to Jesus, or are you talking past him, because Jesus can’t live up to your intense hatred, what with being the embodiment of love, etc.?

We barely put up resistance as the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network set up pro-homosexual student clubs — first in our high schools, next in our middle schools — and one day (God forbid) they will try to set up these homosexual booster clubs in our elementary schools.

21st Century Jesus, being tech-savvy, appreciates hyperlinks.

Also, since kids tend to figure out they’re gay when they hit puberty, at the same time straight kids start figuring out they’re straight, I really doubt there are going to be gay clubs in elementary school. But keep trying to scare the Lord, Peter! What if Mel White has been praying harder or something?

Our hearts tremble, O God, as we watch the “Gay” Lobby

Scare-quotes just in case Jesus isn’t getting the message about how bad gays are.

teach even kindergartners that homosexuality “is just one more kind of love” — to quote “Daddy’ Roommate,” one of many pro-homosexual children’ books used in the classroom.

In case Jesus hasn’t been reading the missives from the Religious Right lately and hasn’t heard of that book.

And while a small number of parents struggled to prevent the systematic corruption of young students’ minds, the homosexual activists rolled up their sleeves to fulfill their wicked plan of turning America’ schools — public and sometimes private — into Homosexuality Promotion Zones.

Man, he’s really covering all his bases here! Pete must assume that God pays so little attention to what’s going on on Earth that he’s dumb enough to fall for this crap. That’s not a very reverent way to treat your God, Peter.

Why is it, O Lord, that militant sexual activists demonstrate more zeal, unity and purpose to spread their lies than Christians do for the Truth?

I assume at this point that God perked up, having finally been addressed personally after so much talking point claptrap.

Finally, Father, we beg you in your “Amazing Grace” to preserve a righteous remnant of young, born-again believers who — like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Book of Daniel

In case God hasn’t read Daniel. Also, why the scare quotes around “Amazing Grace”?

will steadfastly refuse to worship today’ politically-correct “American Idol” of “Gay.”

Pete here is trying to “speak God’s language,” which presumably means that God watches a lot of reality teevee. Also, is this a shot at Ellen DeGeneres?

We humbly ask you to raise up an army of young Christians who will love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth: that Nobody has to be “gay,”

Sorry, Pete, God doesn’t grant wishes that fall outside the realm of the reality he created (if you believe in that sort of thing). Because people sort of are gay. It’s not a “have to be” situation. I mean, nobody “has” to be tall either, but that’s a piss-poor excuse for hacking off your feet. I assume that God would agree with that statement.

because You are there to help those struggling with homosexuality overcome through the power of Jesus Christ.

Who I am talking to right now!

(And I have met many “ex-gays.”)

The Lord would like a list, and several peer-reviewed studies which show the long-term success rate of “many ex-gays,” and would also like to see some studies which compare that to the emotional and spiritual rape foisted upon innocent gay and lesbian people by ex-gay businesses who sell an anti-scientific, disproven lie to the weak in order to prop up the bigotry of the Religious Right. The Lord is waiting. Tick tock.

Anyway, that’s basically it. It’s really bad when you feel the need to convince God to confirm your biases for you in your prayers. It’s almost as if there’s not much support for your bigotry in the religious faith behind which you choose to hide.

If you want to watch the video [gag], here: