BarberAs Wayne reported below, he went to Liberty U in Lynchburg, VA (emphasis on the “lynch”) this week to a gathering of Religious Right crazies called “The Awakening.” He’ll have more to report in the coming days, but here’s what he’s said so far:

The big news here is that radical cleric Lou Engle of The Call conceded, at a the LGBT Agenda breakout session, that the next generation is largely supportive of LGBT rights. (but not on abortion) He claims that the far right has lost on this issue barring a miracle, such as an intercession at a 500,000 youth rally that Engle floated to the activists on-stage and in the audience. Matt Barber said they should privately discuss such a rally after the forum.

Good luck with that idea, considering the breakout session at the late Jerry Falwell’ university drew only fifteen people — two of whom were observers from progressive organizations. The rest of the crowd were hard core anti-gay activists from groups like PFOX.

Unfortunately, I was “outed” at the session by Lafferty which made me about as comfortable as a fly landing on a porcupine. She asked me if I had any questions. I looked around the room and saw no movable middle in this bunch, so I declined. I preferred to plead the 5th, to ensure I could attend the big rally that was planned for the evening.

Anyway, apparently Peter LaBarbera knows about it now, and he would like to share some of his thoughts on Wayne’s trip. Exciting, right? Don your hazmat suit, it’s Peter time:

Wayne Besen, extremist homosexual blogger and “ex-gay denier” (as Matt Barber calls those who shun the existence of the untold thousands of former homosexuals)

Emphasis on the “untold.” Also: unverifiable, invisible, imaginary.

has pulled off the granddaddy of all homosexualist spy missions.

As opposed to the leatherdaddy of homosexualist spy missions. That’s Peter’s territory.

Having apparently died [sic] his hair, growing several days worth of scruff

You dyed your hair, Wayne? Because, I mean…okay, yeah you look like a redneck in the picture, and I understand why you did that, but your hair looks like…your hair.

dawning [sic] shabby clothing

As opposed to evening shabby clothing. That came out later.

and sporting a backpack to appear as a Liberty University Student, Besen infiltrated the Awakening 2010 conference at Liberty University held this past Thursday and Friday [April 15-16].

By “infiltrated,” Peter means “registered for the conference, which was open to the public.”

With incredible stealth and skill

Ninja Wayne.

Besen was able to slip past the Awakening’ extremely tight security and blend in among the gathering of right-wing extremist homophobes.

Haha, pretty much, except that in the next line, Peter admits:

(The event was free of charge and open to the public.)

So which is it, Peter? How was this the “granddaddy” of all homosexualist spy missions, then?

Matt Barber has provided Americans for Truth with an exclusive account of the intense confrontation which followed (some of which will soon be available on archived video):

Exclusive right hook from the Bam Bam!

A few minutes after we began our breakout session on “LGBT’ issues, Wayne slipped in the back of the room, sat down, put his head down and began gazing side-to-side as if expecting to be knocked from his chair and dragged away at any moment. I immediately recognized him.

“As we were wrapping-up and preparing for questions, I “called Wayne out,’ announced that we had a homosexual activist guest with us and asked Wayne if he’d like to give out his Web site which he did. I told him “welcome’ and Andrea Lafferty then asked if he had any questions. He stuttered, stammered and in a nearly inaudible voice said, “uh, no.’ Poor guy looked as if he’d seen a ghost.

“Afterward I approached Wayne, shook his hand and told him we were very glad to have him. A few other people visited with him as well. He was clearly confused and taken-aback by the kindness he received. The cognitive dissonance on his face was evident to all as he’ apparently bought-in to his own hyperbolic rhetoric which demonizes Christians as “hateful, bigoted homophobes.’

See how nice Bam Bam and the bigots are? They didn’t even fire one shot. By the way, what cognitive dissonance are you talking about, Bam Bam? Because here is video from that same break-out session, where Andrea Lafferty and Bam Bam lied through their teeth, saying that ENDA would protect thirty sexual orientations including people who want to do it with amputees and animals. They may be so stupid that they don’t understand the difference between “sexual orientation” and “paraphilias,” but I doubt it. I actually spoke to a Liberty student who, having seen this video, found it to be grotesque:

(via Right Wing Watch)

So, I guess we’re supposed to be impressed that Bam Bam didn’t let his rage get the best of him when confronted by Wayne.


“Wayne asked for a picture, and I joked, “sure, as long as you promise not to Photoshop horns on my head.’ We visited a bit more and I told Wayne “God bless you’ and wished him safe travels on his way home to New York and on his upcoming trip to Ireland which he shared about. I have to say, although Wayne puts on an awfully tough front for his fellow homosexual activists, the guy was a real kitten in person and even seemed like he might be a genuinely nice fellow when you get him away from the safety and security of his computer.

Actually, we’re all really nice. But we also don’t shy away from defending millions of gay people, many of them still trapped in the closet of the Religious Right, from the bigotry of people like Matt Barber.

But you hear that, Wayne? Bam Bam says you are a kitten. Purrrrrrrr.

Anyway, Bam Bam talks a bit about how he used to be a skirt chaser, and then he starts making up stuff to fit his narrative:

Meeting Wayne in person, it was clear to me that he is searching. It is my hope and prayer that he and all who struggle with same-sex attraction, live a life of heterosexual or homosexual promiscuity or adultery, or anyone else for that matter, can come to know the life-changing, life-saving, life-making grace and redemption that can only come through surrender, belief and acceptance of Christ Jesus.

Uh. Wayne, did you know that you are “searching”? Or that you’re “struggling with same-sex attraction”?

What is it with fundamentalists that they all arrogantly think that people accept their absurd framework on issues of sexual orientation? Sorry, we’ll go with the real, grown-up scientists on this one.

“I pledge to pray for Wayne and would ask everyone reading this to do the same. The Lord could use mightily, this talented, passionate young man whom He knows and loves.”

Pray for me too, Bam Bam! I would like a pony. You’ve got a direct line to the big guy, so I’ll expect to hear whinnying in the front yard in about three prayers or so?