I referred to this below, but now we have the video. In a pathetic attempt to appear “fair,” CNN decided to bring Richard Cohen, noted expert on nothing, on to spew his disproven nonsense. He claims that he’s helped “thousands” of men and women “overcome” their homosexuality, and change into heterosexuals, a specious claim that even most of the anti-science zealots on his own side have given up. He uses a “factsheet” [sic] from a group calling itself the American College of Pediatricians in order to lend credence to his claims that homosexuality is caused by Richard Cohen’s mom, whom he has forgiven through the holy power of tennis racket and pillow. Jeremy Hooper has done the legwork in exposing the “American College of Pediatricians” as a group of like-minded fringe anti-scientific, non-credentialed wingnuts attempting to pose as experts by using such a smarty-pants sounding name. Also, there’s a plug for NARTH, the group which lies and claims to be secular, while being wholly staffed by extremist gay-obsessed conservatives Christians. The dishonesty of these people is stunning, really.

Note, also, that the subject matter they brought Richard in to discuss has nothing to do with Richard’s for-profit business. Nothing.

(h/t Good-As-You)

God, Kyra. What on earth were you all thinking?