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American College of Pediatricians

Bryan Fischer’s Dishonesty Laid Bare As He Cites American College Of Pediatricians

Bryan Fischer lies. It's as simple as that

January 09, 2014 News

MSNBC Hardball Corrects Itself about FRC — Too Late?

MSNBC’s Hardball this afternoon clarified false claims made Monday on the program by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. Host Chris Matthews belatedly told

December 01, 2010 Blog

The Failure Of Cable News To Follow Up

(Weekly Column) As far as I’m concerned, MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews should ban the Family Research Council’s (FRC) President, Tony Perkins, from appearing as

November 30, 2010 Blog, Opinion

VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Spotlights Rekers’ Hypocrisy and Harm to Youths

On MSNBC tonight, Rachel Maddow reports on Prof. George Alan Rekers’ gay escort scandal. Rekers is co-founder of the “ex-gay” think-tank NARTH and of the

May 07, 2010 Blog

First Do Harm: Weird “Science” From Fringe Pediatric Organization

PRESS RELEASETransActive Education & Advocacy ("TransActive")April 19, 2010Contact: Jenn Burleton, Executive DirectorPhone: 503-252-3000Email: jenn@transactiveonline.orgWebsite: The "American College of Pediatricians", a medical 'front' organization for

April 19, 2010 Blog

Nation’s Pediatricians Criticize Counterfeit Christian Group’s Letter to Schools

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a medical professional organization of 60,000 pediatricians, has joined a chorus of criticism against an antigay Christian Right political

April 13, 2010 Blog

TWO Exclusive: Researcher Reprimands Sham Pediatric Group For Distorting Research

The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) is a small, mostly southern anti-gay advocacy group consisting of notorious activists and angry doctors who have an axe

April 12, 2010 Blog, Press Release

VIDEO: CNN’s Kyra Phillips’ Awful Interview with Richard Cohen

I referred to this below, but now we have the video. In a pathetic attempt to appear “fair,” CNN decided to bring Richard Cohen, noted

April 06, 2010 Blog
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