Box Turtle Bulletin has helped to identify some of leading U.S. Anglican churches — dropouts from the Episcopal Church — that now take orders from the human-rights opponents who lead the churches of Uganda and Nigeria.

An article in the LA Times from 2004 identified three of the charter members of this network:

St. David’s Episcopal Church in North Hollywood, Calif.
All Saints’ in Long Beach, Calif.
St. James in Newport Beach, Calif.

However, since 2004, many many more churches have joined what is now the Anglican Church in America.

Whether they stop to think about it or not, these churches implicitly affirm their African leaders’ efforts to imprison and torture homosexual persons and their families and friends. The churches’ African leaders also affirm extralegal tolerance for vigilantism and corrective rape.

Please find a church near you. Then politely ask the church to state publicly its detailed position regarding Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, regarding the criminalization of homosexuality in the United States and Canada, and regarding freedom of expression and freedom of religion for persons who affirm sexual honesty and individual freedom. Remind them that their African leaders’ positions will be assumed to be their own, unless they say otherwise. Please let us know what you hear from them.

The LGBT people of Uganda will thank you.