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Voting While Trans-Know Your Rights

According to a report issued by the Williams Institute, up to 25,000 trans voters may be denied their constitutional right to vote as a citizen

November 05, 2012 News

Earth to NOM: People Know When They’re Being Used

NOM made embarrassing headlines earlier this year when it was revealed that they cynically planned to pit black Americans against the LGBT community, in an

May 25, 2012 Blog

Republican Primary Voters Are Old, White, Out of Mainstream of America

There’s an interesting piece in the Times today that compares who is actually voting in the Republican primary with the voting population at large. It goes

February 20, 2012 Blog

Bachmann, Various Minnesota Wingnuts To Sell Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment By Refusing To Talk About Amendment

This is priceless. Just absolutely, breathtakingly priceless. Wingnuts in Minnesota are pushing a constitutional amendment to write anti-gay discrimination into that state’s constitution, and here

January 30, 2012 Blog

Cenk Uygur Goes After GOP-Voting Gays

As he said, the only thing worse than the Democrats on gay issues is the GOP. [h/t Joe

November 11, 2010 Blog

If You People Do Not Go Vote Today…

And you end up handing power to people like this, all for your “reasons”… …then I will hold it against you personally. [Yeah, that’s me

November 02, 2010 Blog


I know some of us are angry, and justifiably so.  But let’s not lose sight of the greater picture. Abbie Kopf, writing at Has

November 01, 2010 Blog

BEST Get Out The Vote Ad Ever, Ever, EVER!

I said I was gone, and really, I am, but OMG, this Get Out The Vote ad is stunning. [h/t Left Wing Cracker, by way

October 08, 2010 Blog

I Would Vote Naked In Illinois

This is absolutely brilliant. No, not safe for work, probably.  It’s YouTube, so it’s obviously not vulgar, but still. [h/t Joe] Haha, you know who

September 20, 2010 Blog
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