I know some of us are angry, and justifiably so.  But let’s not lose sight of the greater picture.

Abbie Kopf, writing at change.org:

Has Obama sacrificed aspects of the LGBT cause? Yes. Absolutely. Unequivocally. Has he screwed the pooch on women’s rights issues? Yes. Has he conceded to foes on environmental priorities? Uh-huh. Has he been a precarious ally to minorities and immigrants? Yes. He has failed a lot of people in a lot of ways. Because he can’t be everything to everyone and still win elections. It’s as if we’ve backed a player in a chess tournament but told him, “If you lose any pieces on your way to the win, we’re outta here.”

It feels good to direct our anger at someone. But as your mother might have told you, what feels good isn’t always what’s right. It was President Obama who ordered that hospitals grant visitation rights to same-sex couples. It was also Obama who appointed a record number of LGBT people to his administration. We’re a tick of the clock away from repealing DADT and many more victories wait in our future. It would be a mistake, and a grave one, to abandon our allies in their time of need because we’re frustrated by the policies of a very new President.

When you hit the election booth on Tuesday, remember that between “for us” and “against us” lies gray, murky waters that some, like Obama, are only beginning to tread. We want change. Many, many politicians want change. And I believe (and hope) that Obama wants change for us, too. If we overcome our anger, we might see a man who just needs a little time and a little support from people who can help him become a more courageous man.

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