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Kirk Cameron Claims Critics Tried to ‘Crucify’ Him for Anti-Gay Views

Kirk: you're not some kind of a savior, you're just a washed-up, bigoted has-been who's grasping desperately for relevance. Please, climb off of that cross

October 11, 2012 Blog

Kirk Cameron, FRC To Rally Fundie Voters To Elect Candidates Like Todd Aiken; Huckabee Supports Aiken Too

According to FRC: Actor Kirk Cameron has just confirmed for the iPledge Sunday simulcast presented by Family Research Council and American Family Association on Sunday,

August 24, 2012 Blog

Kirk Cameron Too Busy To Meet With Bullied Gay Kids

A group of LGBT youth who have been on the receiving end of anti-gay bullying had requested a lunch meeting with the “actor,” to discuss

July 27, 2012 Blog

NOM Did Say They Wanted To Hire An Unintelligent Celebrity

Not sure if he really still qualifies as a “celebrity,” but Kirk Cameron, everyone! [h/t Joe

July 12, 2012 Blog

Former Child Stars Unite Against Kirk Cameron

This video is hilarious. Former child stars coming together to express their displeasure at fellow former child star Kirk Cameron for being such a homophobe.

April 16, 2012 Blog

Your Daily “Mike Seaver Trying To Be Relevant”

1-2-3, Kirk Cameron talking again! After admitting he has friendly ears in longtime anti-LGBT activists Tim Wildmon and Tony Perkins again fails to take even

March 22, 2012 Blog

Kirk Cameron’s Anti-Gay Views Not Hatred, According to Gay Conservative

They always say we’re calling them names and refusing to engage their arguments, but when a gay conservative states that Kirk Cameron’s horrific anti-gay views

March 21, 2012 Blog

But, I Have Gay Friends!

It’s so annoying when fundamentalist Christians say or do bigoted things, and then try to hide behind the claim that they have “gay friends.” It’s

March 14, 2012 Blog

Fundies, Welcome to the Public Square

Kirk Cameron, the former teen star on the sitcom Growing Pains, has become a growing pain. On CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” the anti-gay actor trashed

March 14, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Sign GLAAD Petition Spanking TV Has-Been Kirk Cameron for Anti-Gay Remarks

Growing Pains has-been Kirk Cameron is a religious fanatic. One can tell his degree of zealotry by witnessing the glazed over look in his eyes,

March 04, 2012 Blog
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