According to FRC:

Actor Kirk Cameron has just confirmed for the iPledge Sunday simulcast presented by Family Research Council and American Family Association on Sunday, September 9, 2012 at 7 p.m. ET. This nationwide live simulcast will also feature FRC President Tony Perkins, Senator Rick Santorum, Bishop Harry Jackson, Kristan Hawkins, and other key Christian leaders for a 90-minute event celebrating Christian citizenship and exhorting Christians to rise up on Election Day to make our voices heard. Your church members will be informed, equipped, and challenged to advance faith, family and freedom in your local community.

First, what is Christian citizenship? I’ve never celebrated my gay citizenship or my Jewish citizenship. I’m just a United States citizen and my loyalties are to America — not gay America or Jewish America. I’d be more comfortable if these folks referred to themselves as US Citizens who happen to be Christian.

Second, unless FRC is partnering with Apple, they should not use the term iPledge Sunday. Paging Apple Inc. attorneys we have a case of trademark infringement. Go get em.

Third, when FRC wants citizens to rise up on Election Day — they are exhorting them to vote for candidates like Todd “Legitimate Rape” Aiken. According to the New York Times:

The Family Research Council said it now hoped to sponsor independent advertising and phone banks and solicit donations for Mr. Akin. And by Wednesday evening, those tiny donations requested by Mr. Akin’s campaign several times this week were starting to add up. Mr. Akin’s Twitter account reported that he had set a goal to raise $100,000 by midnight and had raised $88,000.

The fact that FRC is trying to keep Akin’s hopes alive and send him to the US Senate should send a clear message to the dupes who think that FRC is just another DC lobby group.

It’s not.

Additionally, Chick-fil-A lover Mike Huckabee is defending Aiken as if he were a beleaguered chicken sandwich:

Who ordered this “Code Red” on Akin? There were talking point memos sent from the National Republican Senatorial Committee suggesting language to urge Akin to drop out. Political consultants were ordered to stay away from Akin or lose future business with GOP committees…I’ve always believed and still do, that if you don’t honor your friendships, you don’t honor yourself. And I consider Todd a friend. So I will join Todd as often as I can, in his fight for our Party’s pro-life policies, traditional marriage and our efforts to rein in the massive expansion of government under President Obama.

I’m so glad our opponents are taking every opportunity to reveal who they truly are. It’s making our jobs much easier.