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Palin Progeny Calls Bristol Naughty Anti-Gay Word On Television [UPDATED]

If Dan Savage had been throwing a temper tantrum and called Bristol Palin a “faggot” on television, conservatives would be having a heyday, but I’m

July 23, 2012 Blog

Bristol Palin, Bullying Victim? Please.

Bristol Palin, exemplar of so-called “traditional families” that she is, just couldn’t let President Obama’s historic endorsement of marriage equality pass by last week without

May 17, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Bristol Palin, Marriage Expert

Bristol Palin would like to say some things about Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality! Seriously. She’s most focused on the fact that Obama claims that

May 10, 2012 Blog

Palin Daughter, ‘Snowpreggers’, Has Problem With Margaret Cho!

My favorite thing about this video from Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol is that it actually [accidentally?] sends the message that people should use condoms to

December 07, 2010 Blog

Sarah Palin Is the Best Mother in America

So apparently this happened during the premiere of Sarah Palin’s silly new television program, and it is approximately what I would expect from the spawn

November 17, 2010 Blog
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