If Dan Savage had been throwing a temper tantrum and called Bristol Palin a “faggot” on television, conservatives would be having a heyday, but I’m sure this isn’t that bad. Here’s what Wonkette had to say about little Tripp Palin using a bad anti-gay word on an episode of Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp:

“Faggot.” He called her a “faggot.” And while Bristol’s giggles are correctly seen as shock, not mirth, one does wonder where the baby picked up the word.

We don’t think it was from Bristol, who regularly uses the far classier “homosexual” when confronting homosexuals.


We figure classy Gino for the perpetrator, but we’ll just assume it’s Grandma Sarah. She seems like the kind of person who wouldn’t call somebody a fag jokingly, for, say, ordering a glass of white wine, but rather would say “faggot” all spitty-like, and really really mean it.

Oh, dear. Yeah, the kid picked up the word somewhere. And as Wonkette points out, if it was from a Palin, it may have been from Willow, who famously used that word on Facebook. Anyway, here’s the video. This isn’t to dump on little Tripp Palin — everyone who’s ever been around toddlers knows that they’ll occasionally loudly and publicly drop a word on you that they picked up somewhere, and make the parents look awful in the process. It’s more that, you know…well, in our house, when my brother and I were little, we would tend to drop things we might have heard Dad loudly say while, say, trying to fix a sink. One of the members of the World’s Classiest Family must drop the “F” bomb a lot.

Awwwww, isn’t that CUTE?!

UPDATE: Gabe at Videogum reports that the showrunner for this charming television program wrote into Gawker to inform him that Tripp didn’t say “faggot,” but rather, that other “F” word. Gabe also has other, more pressing questions:

Like: Bristol Palin has a reality show? Who watches this show? Which one is Tripp again? He is her Levi Johnson baby? Why does Willow need to go to Phoenix to look at schools? Isn’t the University of Phoenix just an on-line thing she can do from Alaska? Why does Bristol Palin own a house in Phoenix? If she owns a house in Phoenix, why don’t they just stay at the house that she owns rather than this hotel? If they stayed in the house that she owned rather than the hotel, then Tripp never would have thrown a tantrum about how he wants to swim instead of going to bed and he never would have called aunt Willow a faggot or whatever it is he actually called her in the first place, right? Why does Tripp have to go to bed when it is clearly still the middle of the day anyway? Why can’t Tripp swim? Something about an airplane? So many questions.

Indeed, I would like to know these things too.