MSNBC anchor and reporter Thomas Roberts wants you to know that It Gets Better:

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We like Thomas Roberts. A lot. We want him to succeed. And therefore, we hope that he hones his anchor skills a little bit … because today Roberts — like his colleagues at MSNBC and other news networks — unfortunately allowed the SPLC-certified hate group Family Research Council to perpetrate a few more deliberate lies.

This time, FRC touted its own selective and fraudulent poll of conservative veterans as a “scientific” and representative survey of the entire armed services.

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To their credit, Roberts and retired U.S. Marine Brian Fricke did challenge Perkins’ insinuations that LGBT servicemembers have not already been serving honorably for decades — including when Perkins served.

The FRC is skillful at escaping scrutiny. It does so by firing defamations via numerous sources, never staying long enough on any single TV program to face accountability for its efforts to incite antigay violence and discrimination through deceitful statements, repetition of previously discredited claims, and weaselly worded responses to simple questions.

FRC is incapable of telling the plain truth; in particular, it is incapable of discussing homosexuality without resorting to defamation. FRC was designated a hate group for this reason, and it should not be given a television audience by reputable media unless the medium is fully prepared to discredit every one of FRC’s lies.