Here is a story in The Edge about TWO’s recent Philadelphia protest against NARTH:

When members of a so-called “ex-gay” organization arrived in Philadelphia this past weekend, a number of LGBT activists armed with the message “you can’t pray the gay away” were on hand to greet them.

In conjunction with Soulforce’s Life Rally! and annual symposium, Truth Wins Out held a protest outside of the site of the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality’s annual conference. More than 40 protesters clutched pink suitcases in recognition of the controversy surrounding former NARTH official George Rekers, who was caught with a male escort he claimed was helping carry his luggage in Miami International Airport.

Wayne Besen, author and founder of Truth Wins Out, is confident protesters effectively delivered their message to NARTH and onlookers.

“We got the message out that these are disreputable therapists in a very funny and entertaining way,” Besen told EDGE. “It’s important to speak out against NARTH because what they want to do is be seen as mainstream and they want to be seen as people who are legitimate-when, in fact, their illegitimate and on the far fringe of psychology. They are rejected by every respectable medical organization out there. I think our efforts drove that home in a very vivid way.”

If you are thankful for such efforts and want them to continue, please consider a tax-deductible Thanksgiving Day gift to Truth Wins Out today. Together, we can continue fighting anti-gay lies and religious extremism. It is even more important than ever, now that Exodus is planning to target youth in 2011 with “ex-gay” lies. Their destructive message can be effectively countered — but only with your help and generosity.

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