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One Million Moms Very Upset At Macy’s For Exposing Children To Popular Broadway Musical

Monica Cole sees life-affirming lyrics and senses evil

December 04, 2013 News

Porno Pete Wishes The Gays Would Stop Being So Thankful

Porno Pete's bitter tears fall on the Thanksgiving turkey like the most sumptuous of giblets

November 27, 2013 News

How To Survive Thanksgiving When You’re A Total Loser Bigot

Say what you will about Maggie Gallagher — seriously, go ahead, say what you will — but you can’t say she doesn’t like to help,

November 23, 2011 Blog

Happy Thanksgiving — Give Your Thanks to Truth Wins Out

Here is a story in The Edge about TWO’s recent Philadelphia protest against NARTH: When members of a so-called “ex-gay” organization arrived in Philadelphia this

November 25, 2010 Blog
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